Scent is a powerful thing, it can lift us up, transport us to another time and place, or lull us softly to sleep. 

Like the deep, comforting aroma of coffee that beckons from the kitchen on cold frosty mornings — is there anything quite like it? — or the crisp clean smell of freshly washed laundry, scent has a language all its own. Incorporate scent in your daily routine beyond the typical dab of perfume oil. Open the doors of your closet and be greeted by smell of soap, or pull out a dresser drawer to be met with the clean smell of lavender. These beautiful scents make getting dressed feel less like an all-too-early chore, and more like an event to look forward to.

Here are three all-natural ways to make clothes, closet, and dresser drawers smell incredible.

Fabric-Wrapped Soap
Placed on a closet shelf or tucked into a drawer (or even your luggage), these bars of soap will lend their aroma to the space they’re in. Stronger-scented soap works best for this.

Your favorite soap bar
Light fabric
Needle & thread

Unwrap the bar of soap and place on top of the fabric. Cut the fabric so it wraps easily over the soap. Wrap the bar as you would a present and use the needle and thread to sew the package shut. The light fabric will allow the scent to come through while protecting your clothes from any oils that may be in the soap.

Essential Oil Linen Spray
Linen spray is a great way to add scent to your linens, furniture, or clothes. Choose your favorite essential oil to customize the spray to your taste.

Glass spray bottle
15 drops essential oil of your choice
2 tsp witch hazel

Add the essential oil and witch hazel to the spray bottle and top off with water. Shake. Spritz anything and everything, but do a test before spraying on white fabrics to ensure the essential oil won’t stain.

Lavender Sachets
A far cry from the overly perfumed sachets we all know. Lavender sachets are the perfect way to add a very light scent to the clothes in your dresser.

Dried lavender
Light fabric or tissue paper

Lay the fabric on a flat surface and add two tablespoons of lavender to the center. Gather the fabric and tie the top shut with the string. Tuck into drawers, into luggage, or between folded clothes.

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