How is Stitch In Time different from other tailor shops in the UAE?

Stitch In Time uses only the finest threads in the market imported directly from Europe. Each garment is matched with the perfect colour and thickness of thread.

Stitch In Time also uses a variety of machines that provide customers with the right stitch.

Last but not least, our fit to sew expert tailors are not only highly skilled, but also go through an extensive training program.

What is the difference between a Plain Hem and a Euro Hem?

A Plain Hem is when the bottom of the pants are folded and sewn together to create a new hem. The original hem will be lost.

A Euro Hem is when the original pant hem is cut off, the pants are shortened to the desired length and the original hem is re-attached.

What are the Stitch IN TIME store hours?

The Stitch In Time store hours are typically the hours of the mall in which it is located in. For specific times, please refer to the “Contact Us” page.

Do you make clothing from scratch or by using a pattern?

Yes, this is a service that Stitch In Time provides. Bring in your concept or pattern along with material so it may be priced depending on the amount of work involved.

Should my garments be washed before bringing into Stitch It for alterations?

Yes, due to health & safety regulations, it is recommended that all garments (new and old) be cleaned/dry-cleaned prior to alterations.


Does Stitch In Time have pickup and delivery?

Not at the moment, but this is a service we are planning to offer in the near future


What will it cost to shorten my pants?

The cost to shorten pants can start at 40 AED for a plain pant hem up to 70 aed for more complex hems requested.

How long will my alteration take?

Stitch In Time’s goal is to complete alterations after 24 hours. There are extenuating circumstances that may arise at any Stitch In Time location that could affect this goal. In such extenuating circumstances, the pick up dates would be based upon the amount of work required for the alteration, as well as the amount of work that your nearest Stitch In Time location currently has on hand, in which case the job may be completed up to 3 days.

Do I need an appointment to get my clothing altered?

(No.) An appointment is not required for any alterations.

Do you do embroidery?

Yes, Stitch In Time at our Dubai Mall, Lower Ground location, is equipped with a state-of-the-art Embroidery machine. We can digitize your images. Cost depends on stitch count required. Feel free to bring in your image on a USB or email to embroidery@stitchintime.me for a quote.

What does Stitch In Time’s quality guarantee cover?

Our guarantee dictates that:

Should a mistake occur, we will fix the alteration right away at no charge.

If the mistake cannot be fixed: (1) New garments will be replaced with original receipt; or (2) Pre-worn garments will be refunded to a fair, mutually agreed value.


Does Stitch In Time offer express service?

Yes we do, for an additional cost of 50%.